Start Somewhere

by Bobby Wood | Mar 1, 2023

This blog is the last of a three part series. Follow the links for the first and second posts. 

Getting in shape physically can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. I’m typically an all in or all out person. When I started to make physical shifts in my life, I made radical changes. This may or may not be you. Either way, do what you can. Do something. Here are several ideas to get started.

  1. Understand your why. To make real change in your physical life, you must understand why you are making the change. Are you wanting to have better blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, etc.? Are you wanting to lose weight? Gain strength? Run a marathon? Your goals and your why must be clear before you begin.


  1. Eliminate sugary drinks. One of the easiest and most drastic changes happens here. Stop drinking sodas, Starbucks caramel lattes, and even juice. Eat your fruits instead of drinking them.


  1. Switch from simple carbs to complex carbs. Simple carbs are breads, snack cakes, processed foods, pastas, etc. Eat carbs like sweet potatoes, quinoa, jasmine rice, and oatmeal. When you do eat carbs, drastically reduce the amount. We typically eat too many carbs.


  1. Eat more protein, and preferably, make it animal protein. Getting the amino acids your body needs through plant protein alone is very difficult. Meat provides all you need. A typical rule of thumb is to take your ideal weight and eat 0.8 – 1 gram of protein per body weight. For most people, this is a dramatic dietary change, which will also help drastically reduce carb intake.


  1. Segment your diet into five to six eating periods a day. If you are eating correctly (no snacking), you will not be as hungry as you normally are, which is a different philosophy than intermittent fasting. If intermittent fasting works for you and your goals, take that approach. However, accurately tracking food intake can become more difficult.


  1. Incorporate weight training, or resistance training, three days a week for forty-five minutes to an hour each session, alternating muscle groups each day. Cardio is healthy and should be incorporated thirty minutes twice weekly, but make sure you don’t substitute cardio for weight training. Even for those who aren’t necessarily trying to get stronger, weight training has tremendous benefits.


  1. Take a good multivitamin. If you live in a cold climate like I do, Vitamin D can be a problem. A good multivitamin will make sure you aren’t suffering from vitamin deficiency.

By implementing these relatively simple, albeit not easy, steps, you will be well on your way to establishing a healthier lifestyle and being more physically fit.


Bobby Wood

After finishing up seminary in New Orleans in 2009, God called Bobby and Lindsay to serve as youth pastor at Mountain View Baptist Church in Layton, Utah. It was during his time there that God started giving him a vision for Redemption Church. Along with his family and a small core team, Bobby started Redemption Church in 2013. The Woods love the uniqueness of Ogden and Weber State University.

In 2016, Bobby transitioned out of his roll as a full-time pastor at Redemption and into a full-time roll as the Send City Missionary for Salt Lake City. He serves with the North American Mission Board in this capacity as he helps guide and direct church plants and church planters in Utah. Bobby is a lay pastor at Redemption and still preaches several times a month on Sunday mornings.